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New Horizons

by Andrey Detochkin

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Sttn 1 01:31
Extended 07:34
Sttn 2 01:45


New Horizons

At every stage of life, a new horizon is the visible edge of the point where we intend to arrive when we look at it. It is in the distance, and this is the farthest that we can see on earth; then there are stars, galaxies, cosmic nebulae and black holes. They are all horizons too. There are two types of horizons physical horizons and internal horizons. The physical horizon remains as it is, but the inner horizon is filled with our ideas and visualisations of what awaits upon us reaching this horizon. It may be an illusion, or it may be reality. Internal horizons are what we see and live inside ourselves when we look at this horizon. The philosophy is that we always have a horizon at which we look; while we go to it, a new one appears. The one to which we are going can approach us or move away from us. We need to know our horizon, both physical and internal. New Horizon always gives us a spark. To see it and realise the point in space and time from which we begin our beautiful journey.
It is necessary to set a new horizon for yourself, which should be far enough away so that the path to it would be exciting and be a real revelation since movement is existence itself.

If you mix the physical and inner horizons, throwing away all the illusions, then you can take a train that travels beyond this horizon and delivers everyone to their destination.

1. Departure Point (Intro) - is a story about the place where the train leaves and how the movement begins after the train has started, violating the physical world's common laws.

2. The Ishinomaki Ghosts - after the terrible earthquake and devastating tsunami wave in 2011, Ishinomaki City experienced tremendous grief. After many people's deaths, people's spirits got lost in this place, looking for their homes and loved ones. This soundtrack is dedicated to the memory of the victims who left the physical world during this catastrophe. It is also devoted to Reverend Tayo Kaneda, who received a hard share of the support of people who came to his temple after the disaster for help. After realising the transition, the spirits go beyond their horizon.

3. Neo Symbolism - when there is a movement in a new direction, there is always symbolism on this path, which symbolises this path or some of its aspects. This symbolism is always fresh and carries with it knowledge about this path and places to visit.

4. The Train Beyond The Horizon - the very train and the very force that helps to move along this invisible railway that goes right beyond the horizon.

5. Steady Motion - the feeling of a train ride, the fast and robust movement that moves us through different spaces and times, creating a sense of flight inside us. A feeling of breathtaking power and strength that drives this flight.

6. Sttn 1 - arriving at the first stop, strange sensations, unknown worlds to conquer; what's next?

7. Instant Decisions - the first steps require us to instantly make decisions and choices while visiting the first station.

8. Extended - after the events that happened at the first station, we gain experience and understanding. This new state expands us and makes us more prepared for the further trip. Now we are ready to move on, to the next station, to entirely new and unknown aspects of the current reality.

9. Sttn 2 - Arrival at the next station, first impressions and new sensations.

10. Leaving The Forgotten - Leaving something that has already forgotten and does not make any sense.

11. Quantum Behavior - Quantum effects and processes are incomprehensible; no one can explain them. Incredible and inexplicable things happen during these processes. One particle can transform into a completely different one. Some of the things that we meet along the way are also entirely inexplicable. Our whole journey on this train is quantum behaviour, the transformation of our consciousness and the elements on our way into absolutely new states that cannot be explained in words.

12. Steady Motion (Proper Mix) - Movement continues. The passenger of the train knows much more than it was before. This journey has no end; it continues to move beyond the horizon and moves towards new horizons.

Thank you for listening and for spending time with us.


released June 11, 2021

Music by Andrey Detochkin.
Mastering by Pat Coefficient.
Cover Artwork by Natalia Maca

Andrey Detochkin:
SC: soundcloud.com/andrey-detochkin
IG: www.instagram.com/andreydetochkin/
FB: www.facebook.com/Andrey-Detochkin-1693557894219630/

Pat Coefficient : coefficient-mastering.com

Natalia Maca: www.instagram.com/natalia.maca/


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Force Inc. / Mille Plateaux Frankfurt, Germany

Anonymous, dark, black, hidden, concealed, encrypted, opaque, undercover, incomprehensible: Ultrablack of Music dares the exodus and listens to those forces and sounds that tell of the unheard in music. Sound is the vibration, resonance and diffraction of waves in the black cosmos. ... more

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