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by DeRayling

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Immanenz 09:53
הצמצום 07:10


"Although he is of good will, his spirit and prophecies seem to be manifest devil's work ... They are capable of deceiving many curious people and causing great harm and trouble to the Church of God Our Lord.“
(Report on Guillaume Postel, sent to Ignatius of Loyola by the Jesuit Fathers Salmeron, Lhoost and Ugoletto on May 10th 1545)

A tremendous energy flows through the universe and with it all living and non-living things:
(Co[s]mic-)Background radiation, gravitation, thermodynamics;
A tremendous energy emanates from the sun, it radiates permanently.
As a light-giver, she embodies the absolutely beautiful, Apollonian, and as such she is the expression of an elevation of the spirit above all conditions of earthly existence and a cheerfulness that can almost be called mathematical.
First of all we take the light that is optically directly incident upon us.
But is it not also an incredible warmth? Which we feel on our skin.
We open our eyes, blink carefully; the bright light makes our eyes squint like an explosion that blinds us when we try to see inside. Bright shining forbidden fruit (of knowledge & eternity), giver of life and death.i
Oedipus before the riddle of the Sphynx.
Looking at the sun for too long makes us blind and destroys most technical recordings.
„"Mythologically", writes Bataille, "the sun looked at is identified with a man who cuts the throat of a bull (Mithras), with a vulture who chops a liver (Prometheus), the one who looks at it, but with the slaughtered bull and the liver eaten. << The obsessive theme of the blinding, deadly sun, which already begins with L'OEil pinéal, remains dominant until the time of Acéphale, whose figure is clearly anticipated in the continuation of the quotation from Soleil pourri: >>You can add<<, Bataille wrote in 1930, >>that the sun was mythologically represented also by a man who cuts his own throat, and finally by an anthropomorphic being deprived of his head. All this leads to the statement that the sum of the elevation is practically mixed up with a fall of outrageous violence<<"“ (Rita Bischoff)
The rays sometimes cause forest fires, create deserts or prolong droughts. And when it's ready, it shines without doing ours - incessantly without interest; a star burns out until it implodes. Like the radiation, so all life: meaningless - no creator, but a dead imago: 'God'. Incessantly new life is created, doomed to perish. For all that is created is value that perishes... A permanent process of spending energies, of decay, of (trans-)mutations. All that remains are traces, digested, (heterogeneous) residues. Make room for 'new things'.
„By striking contrast with the new materialist idea of "vibrant matter", which suggests that all matter is to some extent alive, the conjecture implied by Freud's positing of Thanatos is that nothing is alive: life is a region of death. Freud's later invocation of dualistic struggle between Thanatos and Eros can be read as a retreat from the forbidding monism of "Beyond The Pleasure Principle", which argues that all life is merely a route to death. What is called organic life is actually a kind of folding of the inorganic.
But the inorganic is not the passive, inert counterpart to an allegedly self-propelling life; on the contrary, it possesses its own agency. There is a death drive, which in its most radical formulation is not a drive towards death, but a drive of death. The inorganic is the impersonal pilot of everything, including that which seems to be personal and organic. Seen from the perspective of Thanatos, we ourselves become an exemplary case of the eerie: there is an agency at work in us (the unconscious, the death drive), but it is not where or what we expected it to be.“ (Mark Fisher)
A drive (Trieb, motor, travel, ...) towards zero (0).
The sun burns out and goes out - already suspected in the solar eclipse -
a dead star is born: Black Star, Black Hole, Absence of (the Sun), ... .
Gravitational forces beyond our perception determine the constellations of matter. Without sunlight almost blind, foreboding shadows, and freezing violently; all living things pass away; thus we stood at the end of the Enlightenment and at the same time at the beginning of multiple enlightenments: post-modernity. Variations of infinite possibilities, in a continuous flow & discontinuous flickering - as in the film whose 30(/25)frames per second more than deceive our eyes sufficiently; the flickering pictures of the children's toys spinning in circles awaken to new life.
„In girum imus nocte
et consumimur igni“
(Guy Debord)
Quantum - Absolute Overkill - Implosion.
Beyond our perception. Post-humanoids (Bio-Medi-Tech-Social modified, mutated and updated, upgraded people) move out to discover (en-counter) the unknown.
The Loop leads into the progressive making available of historical media objects & contents, so that the re-trieval of the already past is possible. "Post-" means mining & refinement of missed opportunities.
„And once formed in the work, the beautiful moment can be repeated; it is immortalized in the work of art. The recipient can reproduce such happiness again and again in the enjoyment of art.“ (Marcuse)
People try to bargain for death, for transience - the actual goal of eternity, for 'negation'. At least sublimated and/or simulated: control of nature - from media technology to biopolitics to Botox. Parallel to this, the attempt is made to grasp the totality of social history and make it available. However, in affirmative culture, the Ernst Jünger quote "Winners write history & their own myths" is still valid, this is only in the meantime repeatedly contested - a polyphonic (discursive) hegemony battlefield, multiplicity of armies. A gigantic Fog of War is fogging up the people, enveloping them at the same time.
"Until then, the reproduction of life will still be a reproduction of culture: the creation of unfulfilled longings, the purification of unfulfilled urges. In affirmative culture, renunciation is connected with the external atrophy of the individual, with his discipline to submit to a bad order. Here, the fight against transience does not liberate sensuality, but devalues it: it is only possible at the bottom of its devaluation. This lack of happiness is not metaphysical; it is the work of an irrational social organization. Its abolition, with the elimination of affirmative culture, will not eliminate individuality, but rather realize it. And 'once we are somehow happy, we cannot help but promote culture'. (Herbert Marcuse)
The permanent conflict of the individual subject, which is in contradiction to the conditions found, shifts the presence of death into the cultural; staged as "retro", "rawness", "(pseudo-)live (acts)", indexicality. The ephemeral is emphasized as a nostalgic ritual that serves the blind adaptation to a new world.
"Retro" implements what it supposedly rejects, the introduction of the digital - as virtualizations - into everyday cultural life. At the same time they represent bulwarks against transience, the non-simultaneous simultaneity of several epochs as a differentiated market offer.
Moreover, in a certain way, they refer to a new art form.
If one could previously observe sequences, musical developments - initially from traditional local music increasingly in global pop - building on each other, it shifts to a simultaneous access:
Music/Art as we knew it is dying.
The techniques of reproduction and synthesis have progressed so far that we are faced with the impossibility of sound: potential infinity.
Beyond is not more, but less, subtraction instead of addition
- Void (Nothingness/Nothing) - : Picture ban & negation.
The moon gently reflects the sun's radiation, bathing the all-enveloping night in unreal light. No stinging pain; triggered by the glitter of the sunlight - at the sight of the moon. Much more, in romantic times a warming blanket, it stands inaccessible and with unbelievable distance, loving and howling in the glow of the moon:
Psychoanalysis & Surrealism. [...]
In non-shamanic times, psychoanalysis was the first to draw attention again to the phenomenon of the unconscious, rather unconscious, in non-shamanic times ( at least as far as human beings are concerned), and subsequently began early expeditions into the still unknown territory that had to be captured, territorialized and colonized.
So art, more precisely DaDa & Surrealism, made it its task to develop, collect & sketch this area as a (self-proclaimed) avant-garde. But "A map is not the territory." (Alfred Korzybski, Science and Sanity, 1933; 4th ed., The International Non-Aristotelian Library, 1958, II, 4, p. 58)
Luxury's spatial-temporality, supposedly deprived of the necessary and delimited, all the more lost in its realm.
Little religion of sensuality.
Religion is the opium of the people:
It relieves suffering and sedates.
Completed spectacle means the apparent independence of the image/sound/pop world; out of it a complex system of recognition/confusion signs and, almost, religious symbols is formed. Or like the 'Alt. Right' call it 'Info-War'.
„The permanent war is, incidentally, the central problem of any legal system. One way to limit war is to build fortified citadels and then to differentiate and classify those who find protection within the citadel and those who have no right to it and therefore do not enjoy the protection of arms and justice.“ (Achille Mbembe)
If the culture industry meant the collapse of the basic & superstructure, a tendency of the coincidence of myth & enlightenment is currently discernible.
"This fiction is based on a real story", "This real story is based on fiction".
The question of the absolute & the relative unsolved.
Petrified (Trans ... ) sirens sing.
„Nazism was the moment when the magical spirit seized the lever of material progress. Lenin said that communism was socialism plus electricity. In a sense, Hitlerism was Guénonism plus armored divisions.“ (Pauwels & bergier, Le matin des magiciens, Paris, Gallimard, 1960, 2, VII)

The Dark Side of the Moon – Nachtromantik (Post-Romanticism) – The moon falls on earth – lunar eclipse.
„what if...?“ „was wenn...?“
„as if...“ „als ob...“
the two grammatical formalizations of the (childlike) play of the fantastic meaning & mimetic comprehension.
One game takes place, like the sacred, in a delimited time & space context. When the game is finished, the area of virtualisation is entered:
Hypothetizations of "what if..." or "as if..."
Only the introduction of Protestant capitalism captured these forces globally & tried to tame them. The world is (increasingly) understood as a realm of necessity, of scarcity, of scarce resources; in which people are condemned to be laborers, zombified slaves.i Instead of being fulfilled in their own expenditure (activity), as the excess of life does of itself.
Life's a drive of death.
And our life the biggest detour.
While the maggots are already waiting for their food.
Cold fire, artificial light, Black Mirror – Alienation.
Holografic, Virtual and Merged Realities – Embodiment & Ghost in the Shell
Eternally many different virtual worlds are offered in order to be able to pretend... the permanent saving, loading and repeating allows at the same time the testing of different decisions, what if...? Interactive risk calculation machines.
Computer games, movies, virtual reality, enhanced reality, merged reality, immersion.
The film that shows a photographer photographing a screen that shows a photographer photographing a photo, .... The doubling, the doubling of a doubled world. The digital pervades all areas of life and organizes everyday life.

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released March 19, 2020

Cover by Stylianos Papavasiliou


all rights reserved



Force Inc. / Mille Plateaux Frankfurt, Germany

Anonymous, dark, black, hidden, concealed, encrypted, opaque, undercover, incomprehensible: Ultrablack of Music dares the exodus and listens to those forces and sounds that tell of the unheard in music. Sound is the vibration, resonance and diffraction of waves in the black cosmos. ... more

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